March 27 COVID-19 Public Briefing

City of Richmond COVID-19 Public Briefing
March 27, 2020

City Services Continue Evolving

The Department of Social Services is offering emergency SNAP benefits on top of the benefits households already receive. 

Current SNAP households that already receive the maximum monthly allotment for their household size are not eligible for emergency benefits. Emergency benefits will be provided for March and April 2020 and will increase the household’s current monthly allotment to the maximum monthly allotment for a household of that size. 

The allotments below can be used to assist citizens in calculating the increase based on household size and regular allotment.

Emergency benefits will allow the household’s current monthly allotment to increase to the maximum allotment for a household of that size as follows:
  • Household size : Amount of money in 48 states (including Virginia) and Washington D.C.
  • 1 : $194 
  • 2 : $355 
  • 3 : $509 
  • 4 : $646 
  • 5 : $768 
  • 6 : $921 
  • 7 : $1,018 
  • 8 : $1,164 
  • Each additional person : $146

Learn how to apply here. Read the state’s frequently asked questions document here. 

The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court order continuing most cases has extended. 

To learn if your case has been continued through April 6, read the update on the city’s website or access the court’s contact information here. 

Mayor Stoney Provides Update to the Public

The Mayor had a Facebook live today at 5:30 p.m.

He provided an update to the public on the city’s response to COVID-19 and answered the most commonly asked questions the administration has received. You don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch - click here to navigate to the Mayor’s Facebook page. 

Mayor Stoney and the administration are also updating City Council with a formal memo at least weekly. 

Moving into the Weekend

Remember that Richmonders will be held accountable to Governor Northam’s executive order

If you see a business or group of individuals out of compliance with these regulations, call the police non-emergency number: 804-646-5100

You are encouraged to use the parks to get some exercise and fresh air, but follow social distancing guidelines

There should be six feet of distance between you and any person or animal outside of your household unit at all times. Be sure to disinfect hands and anything that came in contact with an outside surface.