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El alcalde Stoney reinaugura la sala renovada de los Servicios de Protección Infantil del Departamento de Servicios Sociales

La colaboración de varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro, religiosas y comerciales ha sido vital en este esfuerzo de renovación  El alcalde Levar Stoney reinauguró esta mañana la recién renovada sala de los Servicios de Protección Infantil del Departamento de Servicios Sociales de la Ciudad de Richmond. Gracias a varios líderes de organizaciones sin fines de lucro, religiosas y comerciales, esta oficina servirá ahora como un espacio acogedor para aquellos jóvenes que están esperando ser reubicados en un hogar sustituto. Los socios principales en este esfuerzo fueron: la sede en Virginia de ENV Architecture and Design , las organizaciones locales sin fines de lucro RVA Comfort Cases y Worthdays , así como las iglesias de la red For Richmond . Juntos, los donantes de estas organizaciones y los voluntarios transformaron el salón multipropósito de la ciudad en cuatro zonas relajantes y adecuadas para los menores de diversas edades que se encuentran bajo la custodia de los S

Mayor Stoney opens renovated Child Protective Services room at the Department of Social Services

This morning, Mayor Levar Stoney opened the newly renovated Child Protective Services Room at Richmond’s Department of Social Services. Thanks to leaders from the faith, nonprofit and business community, the room will now serve as a comforting space for young people while they await foster care placement. The principal partners in this effort were the Virginia office of ENV Architecture and Design, local nonprofit organizations RVA Comfort Cases and Worthdays and churches in the For Richmond network. Together, the organizations’ donors and volunteers transformed the city’s multi-purpose room into four calming and age-appropriate zones for children in the custody of Richmond Social Services. The new space is both practical and welcoming, thanks to the collaboration of the city’s partners. Second Baptist Church member Ralph Costen, owner of Costen Floors, donated and installed a new floor. Home Inspections of Virginia installed sound-proofing panels. The Soho Center don

El Distrito de Salud de la Ciudad de Richmond ofrecerá vacunación gratuita contra la influenza durante el mes de diciembre

Durante el mes de diciembre, el Distrito de Salud de la Ciudad de Richmond ofrecerá vacunación gratuita contra la influenza a personas mayores de 6 meses de edad, con el fin de aumentar la inmunidad en la población de la ciudad. Esta oportunidad, la cual el Distrito de Salud de la Ciudad de Richmond llama “su regalo a la comunidad”, es totalmente gratuita. No se requiere pago, seguro de salud, ni identificación emitida por el gobierno para recibir la vacuna. Invitamos a las personas interesadas a que visiten la clínica durante cualquier día hábil de diciembre, (excepto los días 13, 24 y 25) desde las 8:30 de la mañana hasta las 4:00 de la tarde. No se requiere cita previa. La clínica está ubicada en el 400 de East Cary Street, adonde también se puede llegar usando las rutas 5, 14 y 87 de los buses GRTC. El Distrito de Salud de la Ciudad de Richmond les recuerda que la vacuna es especialmente importante para los niños pequeños, las personas de la tercera edad, aquellos que pad

Richmond City Health District to offer free flu shots throughout the month of December

Throughout the month of December, the Richmond City Health District will offer free flu shots to individuals 6 months of age or older in an attempt to increase the city’s immunity. This opportunity, which Richmond City Health District calls its “gift to the community,” is entirely free of cost. No payment, insurance or government identification is required to receive the vaccine. Those interested are welcome to visit the clinic from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. any business day in December, excluding December 13, 24 and 25. No appointment is necessary. The clinic is located at 400 E. Cary Street, accessible by GRTC routes 5, 14, and 87. The Richmond City Health district notes that vaccination is especially important for young children, older adults, those with chronic health conditions and expectant mothers. ##

City Council unanimously passes Mayor Stoney’s ordinance prohibiting the use of handheld communications devices while driving

At the December 9 meeting of Richmond City Council, the body unanimously passed a ban on driving while using a handheld communications device, proposed by Mayor Stoney's administration. Under the ordinance, using a handheld communications device, such as a cellphone, while driving in the City of Richmond is punishable by a $125 fine on the first offense and a $250 fine for each subsequent offense. “A holistic Vision Zero plan requires engineering, education, and enforcement,” said Mayor Stoney. “Prohibiting the use of a cellphone while driving is necessary to change both ingrained attitudes and dangerous habits.” The ordinance, which was introduced at the October 14 council meeting and was recently amended, is an attempt to curb traffic fatalities and promote pedestrian safety. Distracted drivers have killed or injured 218 people in the City of Richmond so far this year, according to the Richmond Police Department. “As we continue to experience population and

Shockoe Alliance to Hold Small Area Plan Development Workshop December 4, 2019

The Shockoe Alliance will hold its next community meeting from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on December 4, 2019 at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library, 101 E. Franklin Street. The community workshop is the next step toward the development of the Small Area Plan and implementation strategy for the Shockoe area. This meeting will focus on consideration of plan recommendations resulting from prior public input, featuring interactive group discussions regarding top planning priorities and a real-time voting exercise to gauge support for each key planning theme. Community leaders, city staff and members of the Shockoe Alliance will serve as presenters and discussion facilitators. The results of this meeting will serve as the basis for preparation of the Draft Small Area Plan for public review in early 2020.    The Shockoe Alliance is charged with guiding the design and implementation of concepts and recommendations for the future of Shockoe. Its ultimate goal is to create an i

Department of Public Works Fills More Than 31,000 Potholes, Exceeds Annual Goal

The Public Works Roadway Maintenance Division has repaired more than 31,000 potholes so far this year. This marks the third year running that DPW has far exceeded the usual 18,000 annual repairs. In 2018, about 26,900 potholes were fixed, compared to just under 25,000 the year before. In 2017, Mayor Levar M. Stoney asked city employees to elevate the level of service provided to city residents. The DPW Pothole Crew redefined some of its internal procedures and set a goal to fill 20,000 potholes. It surpassed that target by nearly 5,000 repairs, achieving a department milestone. “When we invest in our infrastructure, we invest in our future,” said Mayor Stoney. “I’m proud our Public Works team rose to our high expectations this year. Now, after a banner year filling thousands of potholes, we’re providing a long-term solution: a historic investment in paving.” DPW attributes the increase in pothole repairs to its acquisition of two pothole trucks that are revolutionizing

Mayor Stoney announces the City of Richmond again earns the highest Municipal Equality Index score in Virginia

Today, Mayor Stoney announced that the City of Richmond again received the highest Municipal Equality Index score in the Commonwealth of Virginia, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Out of the 11 municipalities that the Human Rights Campaign scored in Virginia, Richmond scored the highest, earning a 97. “My mission is to build a city where everyone, no matter their skin color, country of origin, how they worship or who they love, is free to live out their God-given potential,” said Mayor Stoney. “Supporting the members of Richmond’s LGBTQ community is imperative to that task, and this score shows that inclusivity is one of our top priorities.” Each year the Human Rights Campaign rates cities across the United States based on their initiatives to support LGBTQ communities. The findings are compiled on the Municipal Equality Index (MEI) scorecard, where cities are given points for inclusive programs and policies, such as non-discrimination laws, transgender-inclusive healt

Mayor Stoney announces creation of City of Richmond Eviction Task Force

Mayor Levar M. Stoney today announced the creation of the City of Richmond Eviction Task Force, an advisory body charged with addressing the causes of evictions in Richmond and prescribing preventative solutions. The task force will work alongside the city’s Eviction Diversion Program, a first-of-its-kind within the Commonwealth of Virginia mediation program providing rental assistance, pro bono legal support, financial counseling, and supportive service referrals to residents already in the court system for rent-due cases and facing housing insecurity. The Eviction Diversion Program, launched in October 2019 in partnership with Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, Firms in Service and the court system, is poised to thwart hundreds of potential evictions in its first year. “The Eviction Diversion Program will make a real impact in the lives of some of our most vulnerable community members currently facing eviction proceedin

Richmond City Council unanimously passes Mayor Stoney’s ordinance requiring reporting of lost and stolen firearms

During its November 12 meeting, Richmond City Council unanimously passed an ordinance requiring any person who loses a gun or has one stolen in the City of Richmond to report the loss or theft to the Richmond Police Department. The ordinance, proposed by Mayor Stoney and introduced on October 14, intends to prevent the trafficking of lost and stolen guns, which are more likely to be used in criminal offenses. At the time of introduction, 354 firearms had been reported stolen in the City of Richmond. The legislation aims to prevent gun crimes before they occur by requiring   gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms to police within 24 hours of realizing a loss or theft has occurred.   The reporting requirement became effective upon passage. “I’m thankful   City   Council took this important step to   help   prevent gun violence in Richmond,” said Mayor Stoney. “This reporting requirement isn’t a fix-all, but   this additional level of accountability and responsibi