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New Traffic Control System Reduces Wait Time at Traffic Lights

Construction begins Monday, August 19 on an adaptive traffic control system designed to make traffic flow more smoothly by decreasing the amount of time motorists spend at red lights. The new technology, called InSync, will be implemented at 24 signalized intersections along Chamberlayne Avenue, Brook Road, Hermitage Road and Laburnum Avenue.   InSync will change the traffic signals based on real-time vehicle demand. The technology will count the number of vehicles on both the main streets and side streets at the intersections. Then, through the use of wireless broadband radio communications, the traffic signals will “talk” with each other and relay real-time information needed to control the movement of the vehicles along the signalized corridor.  A computer processor at each intersection uses the information to develop signal timings that allow main street traffic to catch multiple green signals without stopping along the corridor and, at the same time, limit and reduce the amoun

City Announces Bicycle Master Plan To Identify Specific Transportation Infrastructure Improvements

~Online Survey Has Been Created to Identify Needs of the Public~ The City of Richmond announced today its continued plans to improve roadways and corridors that will help make bicycling a safe and convenient transportation option. The Bicycle Master Plan will develop specific recommendations for bike infrastructure improvements based on the preliminary plans from the City’s Strategic Multimodal Transportation Plan, called Richmond Connects. Richmond Connects has identified many roadways and corridors for bikeway improvements, and includes an assessment of existing and future conditions and needs. An online survey has been created to allow the public to assist the City in developing and prioritizing infrastructure improvements that will result in a network of bikeways that can be used for recreation or transportation. Click here to access the online survey. The survey will be open through the end of September. “We have the goal of making Richmond one of the most bicycle-frien