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Mayor Kicks Off Kanawha Plaza Renovations

Mayor Dwight Jones, Debra Gardner, DCAO for Human Services, Barry Russell, Deputy Director for Parks and Recreation, John Snyder, Enrichmond Foundation, and Dwight Snead of Dwight Snead Construction Company joined in announcing the renovation of Kanawha Plaza on Friday, July 31, 2015. The following are Mayor Jones prepared remarks. Good afternoon and welcome. We appreciate all of you joining us for our Kanawha Plaza Renovations Kick-off today, as this is an important project for our downtown and an important project for our city. Kanawha Plaza was conceived of over 40 years ago – back in 1972. This park was designed to reconnect our central business district and the James River. It was meant to also beautify our downtown, sitting astride the Downtown Expressway which was built after land was cleared for urban renewal. Parks can be complex elements of a city, but in Richmond, we pride ourselves on our park amenities. With over 100 parks in our city, ran