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Mayor’s Proposal Cuts Base Water Rates Provides 2% Salary Increase for City Employees

View t he Proposed B iennial Fiscal P lan for FY 2014 - F Y2015 View the Proposed Capital Improvement Plan for FY2014 - FY2015 Mayor Dwight C. Jones today presented his administration’s FY2014 - FY2015 Biennial Fiscal Plan (the budget). A 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the period of 2014 – 2018 was also presented. The budget was crafted based on current revenue projections, which include revenues from the real estate tax rate, which is proposed to remain the same at $1.20. The total proposed spending plans for the General Fund are $760.5 million for FY14, and $766.3 million for FY15. Mayor Jones has called for a major change in the city’s water rate structure and particularly the base water and wastewater rates. The Mayor’s proposal calls for a substantial reduction in those base rates (from the current base rate total of $49.40 to $26.11) as well as a move to charging for volumetric usage. This means that residents and businesses will pay more for higher usag