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Richmond Public Library ends overdue fines for all patrons

In an effort to increase library usage and accessibility for all residents, the Richmond Public Library (RPL) has ended the practice of issuing fines to patrons who fail to return library materials on time.   Fines on overdue materials disproportionately affect low-income, African American and Hispanic communities. Despite this large burden on certain patrons, overdue fines comprise a relatively small portion of RPL’s total budget – less than one percent. By eliminating fines, the city hopes residents of all backgrounds will feel more comfortable and welcome using the breadth of academic, artistic, and financial resources the library offers.   “I am proud we made this equitable change,” said Mayor Stoney. “A welcoming library is a key pillar of the community and provides a gateway to the world of learning and opportunity for personal progress. Ending fines is an accepted practice that won’t put pressure on our system and will alleviate the burden on our most vulnerable