Friday, March 6, 2015

Mayor's Youth Academy Now Accepting Applications for 2015 Summer Employment Opportunities

The Mayor’s Youth Academy (MYA) is now accepting applications for the 2015 MYA Summer Employment programs. MYA is accepting applications for all programs, now through Monday, March 23. Visit to apply online. In person applications will be accepted Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. at the MYA offices in the East District Initiative, 701 North 25th Street, or call 646-7480 to schedule a special appointment. Youth must prove city residency when applying.

“In 2014, more than 450 youth were engaged in the MYA program with 89% of MYA graduates going on to attend two and four year colleges and universities,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “I strongly encourage our city’s youth and their parents to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity for summer employment. The collaboration between MYA and our community business partners provides city youth the opportunity to develop relationships with international youth, gain valuable work experience while earning income to save or spend in our local economy, and offers the potential for full-time careers.”

Launched by Mayor Jones in 2010, MYA offers job readiness career development and summer internships to city youth aged 13 through 19 years. Summer work experiences have included internships in the Governor’s Office, Department of Aviation, Pfizer, the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Dominion, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to name a few. The MYA Junior program will be offered again this summer to middle school youth to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related experiential learning opportunities and age appropriate introduction to STEM vocations and careers. Career exploration through the arts is available through the Life Stage program, and child care provider internships are also available through the Counselor in Training program.

The mission of MYA is to provide development opportunities to youth throughout the city to include: job readiness training, leadership development, exposure to entrepreneurship, mentoring and post-secondary career exploration. Selected youth will receive real work experience and gain skills necessary for future employment.

For additional information regarding this youth summer employment opportunity, please contact the MYA office at (804) 646-7480 or visit

Monday, March 2, 2015

Richmond 2015 Announces Official Schedule for 2015 UCI Road World Championships

Schedule Maximizes European Visibility; Course Modifications Based on Community Feedback and Learnings from “Test Event”

Richmond 2015, the organizer of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, today announces the official schedule and course modifications for cycling’s preeminent competition that will be held in Richmond in September.

“We spent the past few months working with the UCI on finalizing the schedule and tweaking the courses for the 12 world championship races that will take place over nine days,” said Tim Miller, chief operating officer of Richmond 2015. “We’ve been able to incorporate many of the things we learned from the official test event, the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships, which was held last spring, in order to provide the best experience for racers, fans and Central Virginians alike.”

Added Wilson Flohr, CEO of Richmond 2015: “We can’t wait to showcase Richmond to the world and for the world to experience everything Richmond has to offer. We have a tremendous opportunity to let the world know that the Richmond Region is a wonderful place to live, work, play and ride a bike.”

Official Schedule

    DATE                               EVENT                                        Start Time/Finish Time (EDT)*

Sat., Sept. 19               Team Time Trial Training                         9 a.m./12 p.m.

Sat., Sept. 19               Time Trial Circuit Training                       1 p.m./2:30 p.m.

Sun., Sept. 20              Team Time Trial (Women)                       11:30 a.m./12:55 p.m.

Sun. Sept. 20               Team Time Trial (Men)                             1:30 p.m./3:35 p.m.

Mon., Sept. 21             Individual Time Trial (Jr. Women)            10 a.m./11:10 a.m.

Mon., Sept. 21             Individual Time Trial (U23 Men)               11:30 a.m./3:50 p.m.

Tues., Sept. 22            Individual Time Trial (Jr. Men)                   9:30 a.m./1:05 p.m.

Tues., Sept. 22             Individual Time Trial (Elite Women)        1:30 p.m./4:45 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 23             Individual Time Trial (Elite Men)              1 p.m./3:35 p.m.

Thurs., Sept. 24          Road Race Training                                   10 a.m./12 p.m.

Fri., Sept. 25               Road Race (Jr. Women)                           10 a.m./11:50 a.m.

Fri., Sept. 25               Road Race (U23 Men)                              12:45 p.m./4:50 p.m.

Sat., Sept. 26               Road Race (Jr. Men)                                9 a.m./12:15 p.m.

Sat. Sept. 26                Road Race (Elite Women)                      1 p.m./4:25 p.m.

Sun., Sept. 27              Road Race (Elite Men)                            9 a.m./3:40 p.m.

* Courses will close to traffic up to 1 hour before start time and re-open up to 1 hour after estimated finish time, all times listed in Eastern Daylight Time

“We’ve been preparing for our performance on the international stage, and we are excited that 2015 is finally here,” Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones said. “With an anticipated economic impact of $158 million to the Commonwealth of Virginia, we know this is a golden opportunity to elevate Richmond in the minds of businesses and tourists around the country and world. The official schedule announced today will showcase our city and region to the world this September.”

Miller added, “In some cases, we’ve set the start times in order to address the concerns commuters have about getting to and from work each day – the schedule is designed so the races will have minimal impact on rush-hour traffic. And for the Elite Men’s Road Race, the early start ensures the event and our region is showcased to hundreds of millions during prime time on international TV broadcasts.”

The event, which is expected to attract 450,000 onsite spectators over nine days of racing, will be seen by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

Course Modifications

Team Time Trials – The start venue for the Team Time Trials on Sept. 19 and 20 has been changed from Rocketts Landing in Henrico County near Richmond’s downtown to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Henrico County just north of Richmond. The shift showcases Lewis Ginter and Richmond’s North Side before heading to points of interest on the original course, including the Richmond National Battlefield Park in Henrico’s east end.

“Knowing the importance of the UCI Road World Championships to the entire region, we are thrilled and honored to host the start of the first scheduled event here in Henrico County,” said Shane Tippet, executive director of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. “One hundred and twenty years ago, the epicenter of cycling in Richmond was the Lakeside Wheel Club located on property that is now Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. We have enjoyed sharing our history and welcoming the community to the Garden; we look forward to helping the community welcome the world.”

Miller added, “The move enables us to showcase one of Richmond’s iconic landmarks while still incorporating our nation’s history as we make our way through the Richmond National Battlefield Park on the back end of the original course.”

Road Races – A slight modification has been made to the Road Race course in downtown Richmond, with racers now turning left at Main and Belvidere streets to head to Broad Street before returning to Main Street at 2nd Street. The original course sent racers right on Belvidere and left on Byrd Street. This change reduces the footprint of the race circuit in the downtown area, which will ensure that most I-95, I-195/Powhite Parkway exits will remain open and commuter traffic can flow freely.

“It’s important to remember that we used the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships as our official test for hosting the Worlds,” Miller said. “We learned what worked well and in some cases, what didn’t work as well. We decided that shifting the course toward Broad Street wouldn’t impact the integrity of the course, but make it easier for commuters to get in and out of the core downtown Richmond area on work days.”

23rd Street Climb – The challenging 23rd Street climb, which had been reserved only for the Elite Men and Elite Women, now will be included in all five world  championship road races.

“We heard resoundingly from several national federations, and the U23 and Junior cyclists in particular, who have visited the area and ridden the course that they wanted to take on the grueling, partially cobbled 23rd Street climb,” Miller said. “After reviewing the technical elements with the UCI, we’ve decided to give these young athletes their chance to attack a climb that could serve as a springboard to victory.”

What They’re Saying

“Our residents and business community couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the biggest cycling event to come to the United States. From Kings Dominion, the region’s largest tourist attraction to the Hanover County Courthouse, the third-oldest operating courthouse in the country, we’re a community rich in history.” – Wayne Hazzard, Chairman, Hanover Board of Supervisors

“Henrico County is thrilled to be able to showcase our history and beauty as part of the UCI Road World Championships. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is one of our treasures, and we’re excited that the world’s best cyclists will get the chance to see its splendor.” – Frank J. Thornton, Chairman, Henrico Board of Supervisors.

“With just over 200 days to go Virginia Commonwealth University faculty, students, and administrators are very excited for the arrival of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. A global sporting event racing through our campus and community presents a golden opportunity for our students to learn and our university to shine on the world stage. From engaging our students and faculty in learning opportunities to putting on community events in Monroe Park — Ram Nation is excited to be a part of hosting one of the world’s premiere sporting events.” – Michael Rao, Ph.D, President, Virginia Commonwealth University

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience an international event right here in Richmond.  I hope that nobody leaves town, telecommutes from home, or worries about a little traffic congestion.  This is a time to come out, have fun, and show the world the vitality of RVA.”  – Jack Berry, Executive Director, Venture Richmond

“Richmond’s business community has great anticipation for one of the world’s biggest cycling events. Richmond will be open for business and ready to showcase the kind of hospitality we’ve become known for.” – Kim Scheeler, CEO/President, Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce

* * *

About Richmond 2015, Inc.

Richmond 2015, Inc., is the independent nonprofit corporation responsible for the organization, management and promotion of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. The 2015 World Championships is projected to generate approximately $158 million in economic impact, 450,000 onsite spectators and a global television audience in the hundreds of millions viewers.

Partners of Richmond 2015 include Altria, Anthem, CarMax, Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer, Davenport & Company, Dominion, Genworth, Hourigan Construction, Kings Dominion, Lansing Building Products, MARTIN’S Food Markets, MWV, McGuireWoods, Norfolk Southern, PIASCIK, The Community Foundation, VCU Medical Center and Williams Mullen.

In addition to its corporate partners, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the City of Richmond, Hanover County and Henrico County are all key partners of Richmond 2015. For more information about Richmond 2015 visit and connect on Twitter and Facebook.

About the 2015 UCI Road World Championships

The 2015 UCI Road World Championships, cycling’s pinnacle event, will be held Sept. 19-27, 2015 in Richmond, Va., and is expected to attract 450,000 onsite spectators over the course of the nine-day event as well as a worldwide TV audience in the hundreds of millions. More than 1,000 cyclists – Elite Men and Women, Under-23 Men and Junior Men and Women – from more than 75 countries will compete in three disciplines: the traditional Road Race, Individual Time Trial and Team Time Trial. The event, which is being held in the United States for the first time since 1986, culminates with the traditional road races on Sept. 26 (women) and Sept. 27 (men).

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