March 25 COVID-19 Public Briefing

City of Richmond COVID-19 Public Briefing
March 25, 2020

City services continue to adapt

Time limits on parking will not be enforced 

Drivers will still be ticketed for parking illegally, which generally includes blocking the right of way or disturbing essential services. Examples include parking in front of ADA accessibility ramps or fire hydrants and blocking bike lanes or crosswalks. 

Be vigilant – paving and utility repairs are ongoing. Therefore, drivers should still abide by temporary restrictions indicated by signage. If they do not, they will be ticketed. 

If you are concerned by a business that is not abiding by the Governor’s social distancing order or large congregations of people, call the police non-emergency number: 804-646-5100

This also applies to Richmond’s city parks and outdoor spaces
The Governor’s executive order does not allow gatherings of more than 10 people. Groups larger than 10 outside a household unit are in violation of that order. Click here to read that order.