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An End of Year Message from Mayor Stoney

Dear Richmonders, Welcome back from what I hope was a relaxing and joyful holiday season. This year, we made significant progress in building One Richmond through investing in our kids and families, rebuilding infrastructure, improving city services and promoting economic empowerment. By collaborating with the community and working with City Council, we invested in your priorities by: ·          Fully funding the Dreams4RPS Strategic Plan (Richmond Public Schools operating budget) and the Richmond Public Schools maintenance budget, constituting the city’s largest education investment in a generation; ·          Investing $16.2 million in roads and sidewalks to fund a long-term solution to the quality of Richmond’s roads; ·          Putting $2.9 million in the city’s affordable housing trust fund and dedicated $485,000 to the Eviction Diversion Program ; ·          Investing an additional $798,000 for GRTC service , funding the service enhancements of three