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City Preparing to Eliminate Friday Solid Waste Collection

For the past couple years the City has been reviewing ways to cut costs in the Division of Solid Waste, while enhancing resident services. A major change that will be implemented in July 9, 2012 is the elimination of Friday trash collection. Residents who currently have Friday pick-up will be placed in other week days. Beginning this week, bright green notification stickers will be placed on supercans alerting residents who are impacted of their new collection day.  Elderly and disabled residents who are registered for ‘backdoor’ service will continue to receive it. The Department of Public Works will conduct community outreach aimed at educating the public so the transition will run as smoothly as possible. Also, beginning                June 1, residents will be able to go to the City’s website and key in their address to find out their collection day.  This change to a four day operation for the Division of Solid Waste will reduce the City’s collection routes from 113 to 90 coll