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Mayor Comments on Proclamation Declaring April as Confederate History Month

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement regarding the Governor's Proclamation declaring April as Confederate History Month: "Virginia has a difficult past that we wrestle with often. Whenever sensitive issues like the Civil War, confederate history and slavery and of topic, we always need to strive for actions that are balanced and that will bridge divides, not create them. Proclaiming April as Confederate History Month without an inclusive perspective or proper acknowledgement of the pain and devastation caused by slavery, does not bring us closer together. If we are ever to fully appreciate our past, we must always examine the multiple facets involved. Introducing this proclamation in this way is short-sighted and a missed opportunity. For those who don't know all that Virginia truly has to offer, actions such as this -- which garner national exposure and attention -- in the end can do more damage to our reputation and can hamper our ability to reconcile o