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City to Increase Fees for Work-in-Street Permit

In an effort to encourage a faster project completion turnaround time, which would return the public use of rights-of-way, the city is increasing the cost to obtain a Work-in-Street Permit, or WISP. The increase, approved by City Council, takes effect on May 1. This is Richmond’s first WISP fee schedule revision since 1982.  The fee hike includes a $75 application fee and will be structured on a ‘pay-by-time’ format, which uses the day/week/month to calculate rates. There is no maximum fee. The current flat rate fees that range from $20 to $100 are being eliminated.    Under the new schedule the exact scope of the planned work will be clarified and applicants will be charged based on that work and the time it will take to complete it. Currently all permits are separated into five classes. The revisions will make the city uniformly consistent with other municipalities.     Implementation of the new fees will support the city’s Vision Zero initiative by promoting a faster removal of w