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Richmond Gas Works Announces Increase in Purchased Gas Cost

 Richmond Gas Works customers will see an increase of the purchased gas cost (PGC) in their February 2018 utility bills.  The cost for purchased gas will increase from $0.450 per 100 cubic feet (1 Ccf) used to $0.525.   The average customer who uses 70 Ccf’s of natural gas will see an estimated $5.25 increase in their monthly bill.  By law, Richmond Gas Works passes on the cost of natural gas purchased and delivered to customers, dollar for dollar, without any markup. Other components of the natural gas bill – the distribution charge and customer charge – are unchanged.        

 At the time of this release, Richmond Gas Works’ PGC rate is less than or equal to surrounding natural gas franchises. Richmond Gas Works’ Interim Director, Rosemary Green, attributes the increase to demand, “An extended cold snap along the east coast and greater demand in the natural gas market is responsible for this increase,” says Green.       
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