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Mayor Dwight C. Jones Proposed Biennial Fiscal Plan for FY2016-FY2017

Mayor Dwight C. Jones Prepared Remarks for Transmittal of FY2016 & FY2017 Biennial Fiscal Plan and CIP March 13, 2015 Click here to view the Proposed Biennial Fiscal Plan for FY2016-FY2017 . Click here to view the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2016 - 2020. (Remarks as prepared for delivery) President Mosby, Vice President Hilbert, Members of the City Council and School Board, City employees, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Our city has changed so much since I presented the budget to you one year ago. Since that time, we’ve opened a new Huguenot High School, Richmond’s first new high school in 40 years. Construction has begun at the country's coolest craft brewery, coming to Richmond and bringing people and jobs to Fulton.  Today, we're finally building Bus Rapid Transit, and not just dreaming and hoping for an expanded public transportation system. Over the past year, we’ve also seen significant leadership changes within the city governme

American Diabetes Association Alert Day 2015

Take it. Share it. Step Out. Americans are urged to take the Diabetes Risk Test on American Diabetes Association Alert Day® and to share it with everyone they care about to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Tuesday, March 24, 2015, is the annual American Diabetes Association Alert Day, a “wake-up call” asking the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. During its 75th Anniversary, the Association is even more committed this year to making sure the public is aware of their risk for type 2 diabetes. The campaign will run through April 21. On Alert Day, Americans will be urged to take the risk test at and start living a healthy and active lifestyle. One way to do this is by joining or starting a team for one of the Association’s nationwide Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes® events, which is scheduled for Richmond on Saturday, October 17 at the Bon Secours Wa

School Divisions in Richmond to Benefit from Grant to Fight Childhood Hunger

High-poverty schools in Richmond will partake in a demonstration project to reduce childhood hunger and improve food security among low-income families. Along with Mayor Jones, Governor Terry McAuliffe and First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe announced Monday at Woodville Elementary their plan to help fight hunger among school-age children. U.S Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was also in attendance after announcing last week the $8.8 million federal grant that will fund the anti-hunger effort in Virginia. Students in the selected schools will be offered breakfast, lunch, and after-school dinner, as well as packs of non-perishable food to take home on weekends and breaks for the 2015-2016 school year. “This project is about breaking down the barriers that separate hungry children and families from the good food they need,” said First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe. For more information, visit

City Kicks-Off Aggressive Pothole Blitz

The City’s Department of Public Works (DPW) began an aggressive plan today to address the more than 300 repair requests that have been received concerning potholes throughout the city of Richmond. Since the beginning of the calendar year, the department has completed nearly 500 pothole repairs. "Extra crews are being assigned to pothole patrols and are being strategically deployed throughout the city to address the increased number of potholes resulting from recent winter precipitation,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “We want to close out our pothole repair blitz within the next several weeks and I encourage all residents and motorist to assist us by continuing to report all potholes to the City.” Presently, the City is receiving about 20 pothole request per day. Potholes can be reported, 24 hours a day, online at or residents may call in a request using the City's 3-1-1 system during business hours. DPW will also conduct more road inspections during this r