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Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center WEBCAM

Stay up-to-date on the construction of the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center with this interactive webcam. Select any date and time to see what happened on the construction site that day. Images are updated every 20 minutes to provide a fresh look at the jobsite. Click here to view .

City Details Plan to Continue Services Provided by Freedom House

~Homeward & City’s DSS have developed transition homelessness service plan~ In response to the closure of Freedom House, the City’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Human Services Stephen Harms requested that the Executive Director of Homeward, Kelly King Horne, in cooperation with homelessness prevention staff at the Richmond Department of Social Services, work with Freedom House and the network of homeless assistance agencies to develop a transition plan for services to people experiencing homelessness. The findings of this report are as follows: -         All non-veteran residents of the Freedom House shelter programs have been transitioned to permanent housing or are being served by CARITAS, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, HomeAgain, and the Salvation Army. Freedom House is working on a separate plan to serve its 12 veteran residents. -         Freedom House is in conversation with other community partners about the meals program previously located at the Con

2nd Annual Richmond Bicycle Commuter Challenge

Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ Pedestrian, Bicycling, and Trails Commission invites the city of Richmond to participate in Richmond Bike Month during May. The goal of the 2nd Annual Richmond Bicycle Commuter Challenge to show how easy, affordable, and healthy bike commuting can be. “The Richmond Bicycle Commuter Challenge is a great way for our residents to learn and experience the tremendous health and sustainability benefits of bicycling. It is my hope that local businesses and large employers alike partner with us to promote a healthy Richmond, and be a central resource in increasing the overall health of our city,” commented Mayor Jones. “My Administration has the goal of making Richmond one of the most bicycle and pedestrian-friendly cities in the country.” Participants are encouraged to ride their bicycle to and from work, and report days commuted at the end of each week for the entire month of May. Riding a bicycle for only part of the commute, such as to join a car pool, ride the bu

City of Richmond and Comcast Thank Volunteers for Participating in Annual Comcast Cares Day at Byrd Park

Hundreds of local volunteers, including Comcast employees and their families and friends along with representatives from the City of Richmond; the Mayor’s Participation, Action, and Communication Team (MPACT); Friends of Byrd Park, Clean City Commission, and Sierra Club – Fall of James chapter; and students from Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Union University, pitched in to help beautify Byrd Park on Saturday, April 27 as part of “Comcast Cares Day,” the company’s annual nationwide day of service.   “We appreciate Comcast and all the volunteers who donated their time and energy to help keep Byrd Park clean,” stated Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “Byrd Park is a significant landmark in Richmond with 200 acres of public green space that we want to celebrate and cherish year round.” Volunteer projects included planting and landscaping, cleaning and repairing the Ha’Penny Stage, clearing debris along the historic bridal path and cleaning alleys and sidewalks. Volunteers al