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Police "Take-Home" Car Policy Tightened

Mayor Dwight C. Jones today issued an update highlighting changes in the Richmond Police Department's (RPD) Take-Home Car Policy. Acknowledging the benefits of a take-home car policy within City limits, the Mayor noted his desire to begin the process of completely phasing out assigning marked take-home vehicles to officers who live outside the City. "Within the City limits, a take-home marked vehicle program offers the benefit of an increased police presence and heightened visibility in our neighborhoods. This works to deter crime. Allowing selected individuals (special operations, sector lieutenants and command staff) who live within 15 miles of the City limits to take vehicles home allows for a quicker response to critical incidents and enhances the solvability of crimes. What we don't want is a lax policy that allows for vehicles to be taken out of the City to distant localities. I believe the proposed changes that Chief Norwood has brought forth will strengthen