Public Works to begin Holding Second Virtual Meeting Sessions for Proposed Citywide Bike Lanes


City residents will have an opportunity to review the proposed detailed design and provide feedback for bike lanes designated along eight corridors throughout the city. Due to COVID-19, the sessions will be held virtually from Thursday, September 3 thru Thursday, September 17.

To view the detailed design and get instructions for submitting input, go to: 

Several months ago virtual meetings were held for review of the concept for the project. The detailed design is the result of more than 800 responses received from those who attended and submitted ideas for these locations:


·      Allen Avenue from Colorado Avenue to Leigh Street

·      Belmont Avenue from Chesterfield County Line to Walmsley Boulevard

·      Broad Rock Road from Belt Boulevard to Forest Hill Avenue / Bainbridge Street

·      Fairfield Avenue from N. 26th Street to Cool Lane

·      Fairmount Avenue from Mosby Street to 25th Street

·      Forest Hill Avenue from 41st Street to Dorchester Road

·      Magnolia Street from 1st Avenue to Rady Street

·      Rowen Avenue from Trigg Street to 5th Street Bridge

The project is being implemented in conjunction with the Maintenance Resurfacing Program. As paving takes place the lanes and pavement markings will be installed, which will significantly reduce project costs. Some lanes will be put in this fall, others may start in spring 2021, depending upon the paving schedule and funding availability.

For more information on city services please visit or for assistance, call 3-1-1.


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