Mayor Stoney details paving plans, progress at Chippenham project site

Mayor Stoney visited the Department of Public Works (DPW) crews paving along Richmond’s segment of Chippenham Parkway Tuesday evening.


The Chippenham Parkway paving project spans nearly 20 lane miles and constitutes a $1.5 million investment in the roads of the Southside. To minimize congestion along the major thoroughfare, the bulk of the paving is being done at night.  


The mayor also provided a summary of paving progress made throughout FY2020, noting that light traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic facilitated efficient work.


“I’m all about looking for the silver lining in this new normal, determining how we can work together to turn a bad situation into a productive one,” said the mayor. “The work done on our roads is a great example of that.”


In FY2020, the city paved over 320 lane miles. That work constituted a roughly $22 million-dollar investment: $15 million from the CIP budget, $1 million in state revenue funds and $6 million in various DPW and Department of Public Utilities funding.


The mayor also provided a list of upcoming paving projects, including major thoroughfares like Broad Street, Ruffin Road and Fairfield, Fauquier and Patterson Avenues, as well as residential areas like Oakwood, Mosby, Whitcomb, Carytown South and the Fan.


“In this city, there’s an equitable solution to every problem,” said the mayor. “You’re seeing our plan for equitable streets in action.”