Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court commencement ceremony to be held on November 8

The Richmond City Circuit, located in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit will hold a commencement ceremony on Friday, November 8, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. at the Richmond Police Academy, 1202 Graham Road, Richmond, Virginia. The Court will recognize 13 participants who have successfully completed the 18-month Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court program. This event is open to the public.

Event speakers will include: Presiding Judges C.N Jenkins Jr. and W. Reilly Marchant and Dr. Peter Coleman of the Coleman Institute, who specializes in providing prevention, screening, intervention, and treatment for substance use and addiction.

The Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court program provides treatment and supervision services to non-violent drug defendants instead of requiring them to serve an active jail sentence. In exchange for successful completion of the treatment program, the court may dismiss the original charge, terminate the defendant from probation, or reduce a felony to a misdemeanor charge. Drug courts are an important component of criminal justice reform, designed to address the underlying causes of criminal behavior by focusing on treatment rather than punishment.

The Richmond Adult Drug Court is a multi-phase program that includes random and frequent drug tests, incentives for positive behavior and graduated sanctions. Those sanctions include short term incarceration periods for failure to meet the program requirements.

The Drug Court team promotes recovery through a coordinated response to a client’s dependency upon alcohol and substances. Team members review each individual case and work together in a collaborative manner. The Richmond Adult Drug Court monitors non-violent offenders with substance use disorders who have pending cases in Richmond’s Circuit Court. Offenders volunteer for the program and participate only after approval from the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney. Each participant must meet all program requirements, which include maintaining gainful employment and abstinence from drugs, alcohol and crime, to successfully complete the program. The participants are also required to attend regular Drug Court hearings in Circuit Court, self-help recovery meetings and group and individual counseling sessions with licensed substance abuse clinicians. In addition, they must perform community service, all while maintaining other obligations at home and work. This integration of court, probation and treatment services leads to higher retention rates in treatment and lower crime and drug use rates following program completion. 

For more information, contact Gloria Jones or Tanisha Moseley with Richmond Adult Drug Court at 804-646-3756 or 804-646-3655, respectively.