Work to Begin on Gateway Plaza Project

~Traffic Conversions will happen in three phases~

Motorists in Downtown Richmond should prepare for pending changes in traffic patterns as work gets underway for the $110 million Gateway Plaza building. The project encompasses a city block bounded by 8th and 9th Streets to the east and west and Canal Street to the south.  

Road modifications must begin before construction on the building can start.  Staging and preparation began on Thursday, July 25, however motorists will not notice an immediate impact.  The work is scheduled as follows: 

Phase I (3 weeks)
  • 8th Street Connector remains open, but reduced to 3 lanes
  • Construction of median strip at intersection of Canal and 9th begins
  • New eastbound lanes established on Canal Street
  • Northbound 9th Street reduced from 5 to 4 lanes from Canal Street to Cary Street to accommodate tower construction.
  • Install striping on South 8th Street to move to Phase II
  • Install temporary signs and signals on Canal Street at 8th and 9th Streets
  • Westbound Canal Street reduced from 5 to 2 lanes
Phase II (3-4 weeks) 
  • Close 8th Street Connector and re-route traffic
  • Complete permanent street improvements on Canal Street
  • Westbound Canal Street remains at 2 lanes

Phase III (3-4 weeks)
  • Install permanent signals and signage on Canal Street at 8th and 9th Streets
  • Remove temporary traffic controls
  • Expand road surface along the north side of Canal Street in front of the project to allow the re-opening of the 3rd westbound lane
  • New improvements fully open to traffic 

Once the 8th Street Connector closes, drivers on 8th Street will turn left on East Canal, travel east on the new, one-block, two-way portion of East Canal and, then turn right at 9th Street onto the bridge approach. All related traffic and road work should be completed within the next eight to ten weeks. Signage will be posted instructing motorists about detours and changes in traffic patterns throughout each phase of the traffic conversions.