March 31 COVID-19 Public Briefing

City of Richmond COVID-19 Public Briefing

March 31, 2020

City of Richmond responds to the Governor’s “Stay at Home” Order

Playgrounds and sports facilities such as basketball, tennis and pickleball courts will be closed for the duration of the order. 

Sunbathing, swimming and gathering in groups in the James River Park System is also prohibited.

This is in compliance with the governor’s order, as the surfaces are not being sanitized and the activities themselves do not allow for the appropriate social distancing. Click here to read more from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Ask yourself: is it essential?

Essential activities are the only reason you should be leaving your home. This includes vital trips like going to the grocery store, pharmacy or doctor’s office. The stay at home order is not a lockdown, but an indication of how seriously everyone should take this pandemic. 

Read what the Governor states is essential here.

Online resources expand for small business leaders 

The Office of Minority Business Development offers a webinar tomorrow, April 1 on small business disaster loans. 

Retail Merchants Association offers “Leading through a Crisis”

Roundtable topics will include: protecting employees and customers, running stressed scenarios for income and liquidity, defending your brand and revenues, and more. 

Join the Virginia Community Capital information exchange

VCC is hosting multiple weekly updates and office hours. 

SBA offers opportunity to provide microloans

Are you interested in helping your community through offering small business microloans? Click here to learn more.