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Partnership Seeks A Greener Richmond

The Green Infrastructure Center Inc. (GIC) has partnered with the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission (RRPDC) , the City of Richmond and the firm of E2 Inc. to assess the city’s green infrastructure. Green infrastructure is the natural building blocks that make cities liveable and healthful. Green infrastructure includes the tree canopy that keeps the city cooler in summer while cleaning the air; the rivers that provide habitat for fish and recreation for people; and the parks and other greenways that provide respite for people and habitat for birds and other wildlife. This new partnership between the GIC, the RRPDC, the city and E2 Inc. will evaluate and map Richmond’s green resources and seek opportunities to expand it. Funded by a grant from the Virginia Coastal Zone Program and the Altria Family of Companies, and the Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF), the project will apply a variety of information sources such as satellite imagery, city data and on-the-ground

City Enters Final Stages of Pothole Blitz

City officials announced today an aggressive plan to address an estimated 613 open pothole requests throughout the city of Richmond, including those logged via Since the beginning of the fiscal year, 1,846 potholes have been filled. "The number of potholes has increased substantially in recent weeks as a result of the record snowfalls that the area has experienced," said Chief Administrative Officer Byron Marshall. "DPW crews have been deployed on a strategic basis to ensure that we close out our pothole repair blitz within the next several weeks." Pothole repair is an ongoing operation of the Department of Public Works (DPW) in the city of Richmond. Since February 16, DPW crews have filled 80 to 100 potholes on a daily basis as weather conditions allow. Under the stepped up action, Priority 1 streets, or main arterials, are being focused on initially. But city officials expect to have potholes on both the main arterials and Priority 2 roads f