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City Street Paving Projects Continue

~Paving Projects Totaling $1.4 Million Begin This Month~ The City of Richmond Department of Public Works announced the continuation of city paving projects to take place throughout the month of October and into November.  Paving work totaling $1.4 million, which begins on Tuesday, October 16, is in accord with the City Administration’s commitment to improving the city’s infrastructure. Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced an aggressive infrastructure improvement effort in 2010 to repave 25 percent of neighborhood streets over a five year period. The following projects should be completed by the end of November. The project areas are:  October 16, Williamsburg Road between Hatcher Street and the eastern City limits October 20, East Richmond Road between Oakwood Avenue and the eastern City limits October 22, Belt Boulevard between Hull Street and Broad Rock Boulevard October 24, Cowardin Avenue between Riverside Drive and Decatur Street November 1, Hull Street between Jefferson

Mayor Announces Clean Sweep Program in Residential Parking Districts

~Fan Permit Parking Zones 1-2 and Carver Permit Parking Zone~ Residents and visitors in parts of the Fan and Carver districts will soon see clean-up crews in their neighborhoods on a routine basis.  On Monday, October 15 the City’s Special Residential Parking District Clean Sweep Program goes into effect.   The initiative is designed to enhance the cleanliness of designated areas by cleaning the sidewalks and tree wells; picking up litter; removing posters and advertisements from utility poles, street signs, and other areas located on public property; reporting graffiti, environmental issues, missing or broken street signs/lights; providing weed abatement and limited maintenance and pruning of existing vegetation in tree wells and planters. Local Minority Business Enterprise, Community Business Group (CBG) won a contract for $250,000 to perform the service, following adoption of a resolution by City Council authorizing the use of certain increased parking ticket fines in

City’s Finance Department Announces Changes in Leadership and Revenue Collection Strategies

The City of Richmond’s Finance Department is filling five key positions in the month of October while also enhancing its revenue collection strategies. A number of technology upgrades are expected to improve customer service and heighten customer outreach. Sharon Judkins, the deputy chief administrative officer for Finance and Administration, stated, “For the past six months, I’ve been focused on rebuilding and restructuring the city’s finance operation. With these appointments, we are well on our way to making necessary improvements.” Positions being filled include Deputy Director II (10/22), Marlo Von Kemp; Deputy Director I (10/15), Paul Jez; Controller (10/8), Alvin Cannon; Economist (10/15), Michael Gilbert; and Business Management Officer (10/8) Muhammed Owusu. A focus has been placed on revenue collection strategies and improving data integrity.  Steps being taken include (1) pre-billing notices to taxpayers, affording an opportunity to verify and clarify data, (2) more frequen