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Richmond Awarded Hands-Only™ CPR Training Kit Grant by The American Heart Association and Cities of Service

~ City to receive 500 CPR Anytime kits to implement the Cities of Service Volunteer CPR Blueprint to improve cardiac arrest survival rates ~ The City of Richmond is one of five cities that have been chosen by the American Heart Association and Cities of Service , a bi-partisan coalition of more than 180 mayors committed to using citizen service to address pressing local needs, to receive 500 CPR Anytime Kits (or Hands-Only™ CPR training kits ) to help turn more residents into lifesavers. Last year’s grant recipients trained nearly 17,000 people in lifesaving Hands-Only CPR skills with the kits they received. The City of Richmond, by way of its Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) Initiative, is partnering with the Richmond Ambulance Authority, the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and the American Heart Association with the goal of training 250 low-income public housing residents and 250 low-income Latino residents with the grant – thus equipping 500 residents with this life-saving