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Mayor Stoney appoints Sheila D. White to serve as city’s Interim Director of Finance

Finance Director John Wack to become CFO for Henrico County Public Schools Mayor Stoney today announced the appointment of Sheila D. White to serve as Interim Director of Finance, effective February 27.   Ms. White will take over the reins of the high-performing department currently run by John Wack, the city’s Director of Finance for the last four and a half years, who has accepted a position to become the Chief Financial Officer for the Henrico County Public Schools beginning in March.   The Finance Department recently completed the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report early for the fourth year in a row, reversing three years of late reporting. Over the last four years, it has dramatically enhanced revenue administration efforts by increasing tax collection rates and implementing a meals tax increase to fund new school construction. During Mr. Wack’s tenure, the department has also implemented amnesty programs to aid residents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and made str

Stoney administration introduces ordinances to redevelop public safety building

 The Stoney Administration will be introducing the ordinances and legal documents to City Council for the sale and redevelopment of the Public Safety Building today, during its February 8, 2021 formal meeting.  On May 1, 2020, the city received an unsolicited offer from Capital City Partners, LLC for the Public Safety Building.  City Council declared the property to be surplus real estate on June 22, 2020, and city officials recommended that the city negotiate with Capital City Partners, LLC on its unsolicited offer to purchase and redevelop the property.  A purchase price of $3,520,456 was negotiated between the city and developer.  As part of the negotiated agreement, Capital City Partners, LLC is responsible for the demolition of the Public Safety Building and construction of new public infrastructure that includes reconnecting East Clay Street. The $325 million mixed-use redevelopment will provide new Class-A office space for VCU Health, new facilities for The Doorways and Ronald M