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Mayor Provides Update on High-Speed Police Pursuits

Mayor Dwight C. Jones made the following statements today during his update on the high-speed police pursuits review: “I want to acknowledge the dedication of our law enforcement officials as they put their lives on the line daily in the interest of public safety. I want us all to be mindful that law enforcement officers are faced with making split-second decisions each day. “Today's topic, the High-Speed Pursuit Policy Review, is as important to the residents of the city as it is to the officers themselves. Making sure that we have improved upon policies and procedures is in the utmost interest of any officer involved in a high-speed pursuit. “We cannot loose sight of the fact that it is the person that flees that creates the problem of high-speed police pursuits. But the fact is that we can't control the behavior of one who chooses to flee, so we must be assured that we have policies and procedures that allow for appropriate and proper law enforcement while protecting publ