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Richmond City Council appoints its new City Auditor

Richmond City Council today during its scheduled special meeting appointed Mr. Lou Lassiter as its new City Auditor to head the Richmond City Council Office of the City Auditor. His service is to begin February 1, 2018. In that position, Mr. Lassiter will assist Council in helping to ensure the administration, management, integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of city government expenditures on behalf of Richmond residents.   Duties of the City Auditor include administering internal audit and investigation functions in verifying accountability over City resources; evaluating efficiencies and effectiveness of City operations; and, determining compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. The position provides management and oversight of Richmond City Council Office of the City Auditor   staff and other resources necessary in auditing evaluating, and investigating city departments, offices, boards, etc. and other individual or entity expenditures of city-funded monies.