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Remediation and Improvement Plans Announced for Historic Ancarrow’s Landing

~ Project completion targeted for end of 2014 ~ The City of Richmond today announced that ExxonMobil is submitting plans for the remediation and improvement of historic Ancarrow’s Landing, part of the James River Park System.  Before 1865, the site had supported transportation for local merchants; from the mid-1920s to 1962 it housed a Virginia Carolina Chemical Corporation (VCC) facility that mixed fertilizer, which resulted in soil contamination from lead and arsenic. Current conditions pose no risk to current receptors. Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, a successor company to VCC through a merger, has voluntarily committed to the site’s cleanup and improvement efforts. “The City has been in talks with ExxonMobil about what we’d like to see happen in this important, historic area that is a key feature in our overall Riverfront Plan,” said Norman Merrifield, director of the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community . “As a result of this planned remediation and ExxonMobil’s in