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Port Of Richmond Seeking New Terminal Operator

Richmond, Virginia - The Port of Richmond, Virginia and Federal Marine Terminals, Inc.(FMT) have decided not to renew their terminal operations agreement effective September 30, 2009. FMT has been the Port’s Terminal Operator since 1996 and operates terminals in eight different ports from Florida to Canada. The Port of Richmond’s business mix has recently changed driving the need to change its’ operating paradigm. A seamless transition is expected to the new Terminal Operator. The Port of Richmond is interviewing terminal operating companies and will select a new Terminal Operator by July 2009. The Port has provided stevedoring and terminal services since 1940 to the domestic and international shipping industry. Contact: David McNeal, (804) 646-2020

Mayor Presents James Farrior with the "Key to the City"

Honors the James Farrior Foundation’s Community Contributions Richmond, VA - Mayor Dwight C. Jones presented James Farrior of the James Farrior Foundation (JFF) the "Key to the City" on Friday, June 12, 2009, during a presentation ceremony at the Arthur Ashe Center before more than a thousand City youth and other attendees. JFF is based in Ettrick, Virginia and raises thousands of dollars to help underprivileged young people in the Richmond area. “Whenever an individual who has been blessed with resources, talent, and ability takes the time to give back; takes the time to think of others; takes the time to encourage others; we want to take the time to thank that person,” said Mayor Jones. “Here at the James Farrior Foundation we live by the phrase, ‘Tackling Everyday Life,’ as it is our motto, mission, scope and principle goal,” said JFF founder James Farrior. “We uphold this characterization, as a statement of the organizations implied ability in its efforts of helping o