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City Electoral Board to Offer Classes for Election Officers

The City’s Electoral Board voted on July 20 to offer 97 different classes, representing almost 300 hours of training, this fall for its officers of election. The first classes for new election officer training begin August 20 and September 19. The majority of the classes will begin the week of September 22, and conclude the week of October 31. Residents must be an officer of election in order to enroll in any of the offered classes. Persons interested in becoming an officer of election for the City of Richmond can apply online at or call (804) 646-5950 to request an application.  The Electoral Board is planning to recruit 200 more individuals in the coming weeks, bringing the total amount of sworn officers close to 1,200. Once accepted as an officer, individuals will be informed of the basic training calendar. Upon completion of basic training, the full calendar of training options will be made available.