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Mayor Jones Announces Appointment of New CAO

Mayor Dwight C. Jones today announced the appointment of Selena Cuffee-Glenn as the City’s Chief Administrative Officer. When naming Cuffee-Glenn, Mayor Jones acknowledged her ties to the Richmond community and her wealth of experience, most recently as the City of Suffolk’s City Manager. “I’m excited to bring Selena back to Richmond because she possesses the professional management and administrative skills we need right now,” said Jones. “Like most cities and most governments, we have too many needs and not enough money to meet them all. I’m not interested in raising taxes, or cutting back on the services our residents expect and deserve, so this means we have to be wise with our resources and we have to operate more efficiently and effectively. We have to make Richmond an easier place to do business with; a place that gets things done. I believe Selena can help strengthen and improve upon our operations.” In the past, Cuffee-Glenn worked in planning and c

Mayor Comments on Budget Process and RPS Funding

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following comment today regarding the ongoing consideration of the proposed Biennial Fiscal Plan for FY2016 and FY2017, as well as the five-year Capital Improvement Plan through 2020: “As this discussion moves forward, I want to reiterate what I have proposed in my budget plan with respect to schools: “Key specifics include:  $13.1 million in School Maintenance funding (representing a 162% increase, and part of a $22.8 million five-year package). Proposing the implementation of a performance contracting program, giving RPS the capability to increase their total resources by as much as another $20 million. $136.9 million in local funding to Richmond Public Schools to meet existing operating budget revenue needs. $425,000 to launch a network of “Future Centers” to prepare for the launch of a Richmond Promise Scholarship program to benefit graduates of Richmond Public Schools. $18.3 million in capital funding for a new Dove elementary school to supp