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Mayor Jones: ‘We are taking corrective action to fix the problems in Social Services’

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement today after receiving the Child Welfare League’s report on the Child Welfare Division of the City’s Department of Social Services, which the City had requested: “Earlier this year, I ordered the Department of Social Services to address each of the concerns raised in earlier reviews of the agency. This latest report acknowledges that we are dealing forthrightly with these problems and are taking corrective actions to fix them. Make no mistake: While we have a lot of work ahead, children’s safety will not be compromised. We are investing the resources needed to turn this agency around. Like every parent, I strongly believe this is the right thing to do. “The report notes that the hearts of city child welfare workers are in the right place, and they are working hard to do the right thing, despite the serious problems that have come to light. Their jobs are important and tough, and I know that they are working hard to protect v