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City and RPS Administration Complete Review of Richmond Public Schools Capital Maintenance and Construction Accounts

 The City of Richmond’s Department of Budget and Strategic Planning and Richmond Public Schools Finance staffs have completed a preliminary reconciliation of all RPS managed capital projects through the end of the 2018 fiscal year.  

 As of June 30, RPS Capital Project Accounts have the following balances:
 ●      Schools Capital Maintenance (Award #500492)                    $ 5,119,182 ●      Schools Capital Maintenance – Cash (Award #500840)           2,650,109 ●      High School Athletic Facilities (Award #500493)                          568,000 ●      Schools ADA Compliance (Award #500495)                                975,866 ●      Schools Bus Lease (Award #500863)                                          771,093 
                                                                                              Total: $10,084,251 
 The June 30th balance in the School CIP Planning and Construction is $12,235,946. These balances are in addition to the $1.6 million M