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Richmond to Offer Amnesty to City Taxpayers

Mayor Levar M. Stoney today announced, for a limited time, Richmond will offer tax amnesty benefits to citizens owing certain back taxes. The program will begin next Tuesday, August 15 and run through October 16, 2017. “This is the chance for citizens who owe to get right with the city,” said Mayor Stoney. “Our schools, police and other vital city services are paid for with tax revenues, and they’ve been shortchanged by millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.” Taxpayers can benefit from this one-time opportunity to pay taxes without incurring or paying penalties and interest. Eligibility includes all individuals and businesses owing real estate taxes, business personal property taxes (excluding vehicles), business license taxes, admissions taxes, lodging taxes and meals taxes as of February 1, 2017. Vehicle personal property taxes and vehicle license taxes and fees are not eligible for this amnesty program. “The city is owed tens of millions of dollars in back taxes,” said the city’s fin