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Mayor Jones Issues Statement on Passage of City's Riverfront Plan

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement today following the passage of the City's Riverfront Plan:   “Richmond’s riverfront is such a great jewel and the passage of the Riverfront Plan is a very significant step for our city.  With this plan we have an opportunity to redefine Richmond through our spectacular Riverfront .   “At the core of the Plan is a desire to create a single, cohesive Riverfront system that expands the use of the James River, and connects our Downtown, our neighborhoods, our visitors, and most importantly, our citizens, to the River.  The plan represents our long-range vision for the Riverfront and the beginning of what I believe will be a great and lasting public legacy. “For decades upon decades, we have erected many barriers to riverfront access. I’m so pleased that we have, through this action, laid the framework to begin removing the barriers and creating solid connections to the River. “With this plan we can improve the abilit

Mayor Comments on Enhancements to Redskins Summer Training Camp Agreement

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement in anticipation of the City Council vote tonight on the Redskins Summer Training Camp Economic Development Package : “ A little over a month ago we announced a $42 million dollar multi-site development and jobs proposal for the city of Richmond. This major announcement for our city came about as a result of the unique opportunity that we have to welcome the Washington Redskins Summer Training Camp to Richmond, Virginia for the next eight years. The Washington Redskins calling Richmond home is predicated on us delivering an acceptable training camp site. And after much work carried out by our Steering Committee and others, we then brought forward our plan to make it happen. But we didn’t just bring forward a plan to build a training facility, we brought forward an economic development plan for our city that includes enhanced health services in the East End and the West End, more jobs, economic growth and business expansion. “T