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Schedule of Monument Avenue Commission Work Group Meetings

State of Confederate Memorials Group: Examine what other communities and institutions are doing around the country to address Confederate memorials and monuments. Monday, July 31 1:30 p.m. Department of Historic Resources 2801 Kensington Ave. Historians Review Group: Provide additional historical background on existing monuments and information on community-proposed additions to Monument Avenue. Tuesday, August 1 10:30 a.m. Library of Virginia 800 E. Broad St. New Monuments and Interpretation Group: If monuments are added, where can they best be erected and interpreted? What are our interpretive options? Wednesday, August 2 1 p.m. Department of Historic Resources 2801 Kensington Ave. Community Engagement Group: Establish rules for community engagement and how the public sessions should be structured. Wednesday, August 2 3 p.m. Black History Museum 122 W. Leigh St. The Monument Avenue Commission has set the following dates for public meetings: Wednesday, August 9 6:30 p.m. Virginia Hist