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Mayor Jones Statement Concerning Retirement of Police Chief Ray Tarasovic

Today, Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement during a joint press conference held with Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic: “I’m here to announce the decision of Ray Tarasovic to step down as police chief for the City of Richmond. Ray plans to return to a life of retirement and will officially leave the post as of February 20th. “Chief Tarasovic and I have been in discussion for some months now about his plans. When Ray joined the City of Richmond in February of 2013, he allowed me to draw him out of what was a fifth retirement when he agreed to serve the citizens of Richmond again.  It was clear at the onset that he was here to fill a gap in leadership in our police department and that he was willing to do so for as long as necessary during my tenure. “Ray has been an excellent police chief. I’ve appreciated all of the energy and effort that he has put into the job. He has worked with a real heart for the community of Richmond and the public that he serves and loves. W

Mayor Jones Comments on 2015 Richmond City Council Leadership Elections

Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued the following statement today on the outcome of the City Council President and Vice President elections. “I offer my congratulations to the new Richmond City Council President Michelle R. Mosby.  As the first African-American woman to be chosen to lead Council as well as one of the few women to ascend to the position, this is a truly historic and notable accomplishment.  I also offer congratulations to the new Richmond City Council Vice President Chris Hilbert. “Our city has made significant steps forward and experienced tremendous progress over the past six years, to include today’s opening of the first high school built in Richmond in more than 40 years. As we enter 2015, Richmond is poised for many more great things to include the UCI Road World Cycling Championships in September! I look forward to working with the City Council president, vice president and entire council as we continue to move Richmond forward together. “Additionally, I would like to t

Mayor Launches E-time Capsule with Huguenot Students

~ Richmond opens first new high school in 40 years ~ A grand opening ceremony took place at the new Huguenot High School this morning as students officially began attending classes at the first new high school to be built in the City of Richmond in 40 years. Mayor Dwight C. Jones marked the occasion by cutting a ribbon with Huguenot High School students and by participating in an official program with 4th District City Councilwoman Kathy Graziano, 4th District School Board Member Kristen Larson, Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden, and Huguenot High School Principal Jafar Barakat. The occasion was also marked by the launch of a time capsule project called Hugh-E – a digital time capsule designed to capture the current student lifestyle as the new school opens. Hugh-E will be the current student body’s way of showing future students what life was like in 2015. Students were invited to submit photos, videos, music or any other digital submission that represents th