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City FY15 CAFR Submitted

The City of Richmond’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal year (FY) ended June 30, 2015, was submitted on October 31, 2016. The external certified public accounting firm that audited the City’s basic financial statements rendered an unmodified opinion stating that the City’s financial statements are fairly presented and conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The FY15 CAFR also shows an increase to the unassigned fund balance of $4.6 million. “Given the challenges that we have faced recently with timely reporting, it is affirming to have the CAFR again confirm our strong financial position and verify a surplus in operations for the Fiscal Year 2015,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “I am more confident than ever in the personnel that we have assembled for our financial operations. Now that we have closed this chapter on FY15 with a clean opinion, we will be moving forward aggressively to have the FY16 CAFR completed as quickly as possible and to set fut