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Mayor Stoney highlights three years of steady progress, announces bold 2020 initiatives in State of the City Address

2020 will see the formation of the city’s first Office of Children and Families and the unveiling of the city’s Affordable and Equitable Housing Strategy City on track to surpass goal of 1,500 housing units by 2023 with over 1,600 completed or under construction by the end of 2020 10 pieces of city land to be turned into parks and recreational space to address greenspace inequity By the end of February, developers and property-owners will have the option of contracting with a registered 3 rd party to perform building plan reviews and inspections In his annual State of the City address, Mayor Stoney declared Richmond a can-do city, highlighting three years of progress and accomplishment and laying out his vision in the coming year for One Richmond investments and initiatives to make Richmond the most inclusive, equitable and competitive city in the nation. “The state of our city is stronger and more competitive than it’s been in years,” the mayor said. “This

Mayor Stoney commits to holding RPS funding harmless in Navy Hill proposal

During the Richmond City Council Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting on January 16, Mayor Stoney’s administration committed to ensuring that RPS receives its fair share of revenue growth, including properties included in any Increment Financing Area within Navy Hill. The administration will continue to allocate 57.76 percent of both current and delinquent real estate taxes, the amount allocated in Fiscal Year 2020, to RPS. This commitment aligns with the policy established by Councilwoman Kristen Larson’s Resolution  2019-R009 , which was approved by city council on March 25, 2019. “It is my top priority to ensure that Richmond Public Schools are the biggest beneficiary of the transformational project we’ve proposed in Navy Hill. That’s why I committed 50 percent of the approximately $1 billion in incremental revenues this project will create for RPS. But I have listened and heard Richmonders’ concerns about funding for RPS,” said Mayor Stoney. “That is why I pr