City launches COVID-19 First Responder Meal Program

The City of Richmond today launched the COVID-19 First Responder Meal Program in an effort to support both the local restaurant industry and the city’s diligent first responders. 

Through the program, first responders on duty will be given options to order a meal from different local restaurants each day, ensuring that small businesses are given priority in nourishing the hardworking essential employees that protect civilians and organize emergency response every day. 

The city invites local restaurants within city limits who employ fewer than 25 employees at each location to apply to participate in the program. Once a restaurant is approved to participate, the program administrator will assign the restaurant one or more dates when the program will pay the cost of the first responders’ meal. 

The assigned restaurants will change day-to-day to give as many restaurants as possible in the city the opportunity to benefit from the program.  

“This program is a simple and delicious way for the city to expand our support for small businesses,” said Mayor Stoney. “Our first responders deserve food that nourishes the body and the soul, and I know Richmond’s restaurants can deliver.”

Interested restaurants should access the application and program guidelines here, on RVAStrong.

Go to the “For Businesses” section of to learn more about resource to support our business community during COVID-19.