City to Begin Work on Phase II of Cannon Creek Trail Greenway Improvements Project

The City of Richmond Department of Public Works is partnering with the Virginia Army National Guard to begin a two week assignment clearing land and performing the initial construction for Phase II of the Cannon Creek Trail Greenway Improvements Project. In preparation for the work, Richmond Henrico Turnpike from Dove Street to East Brookland Park Boulevard will be closed from Friday, July 13 to Monday, July 30.  The work begins Sunday, July 15. 
This phase is a 0.6 mile stretch that begins at Dove Street and extends to Brookland Park Boulevard.  Construction will include asphalt pavement on the trail, pavement markings, new trees, concrete curb and gutter installation and drainage improvements.  
The work for this portion of the project is divided into three segments:
  • Dove Street to the Richmond Henrico Turnpike – shared-use path, 10’ wide with 3’ shoulders
  • Henrico Drive to Fourquerean Lane – milling and resurfacing, bike sharrows, sidewalk replacement
  • Fourquerean Lane to East Brookland Park Boulevard – shared-use path, curb and gutter installation
The initial phase of the Cannon Creek Trail Greenway Improvements project, a .6 mile trail from Valley Road to Dove Street, opened to the public in May.   
Once all three phases are complete, the entire project will consist of a 1.9 mile asphalt trail designed for recreational walking and bicycling.  The scheduled completion date is 2014.
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