City Launches “Project Clean Move” to Help Students, Landlords and Property Owners during Student Relocations

The City is initiating a new multi-pronged program called Project Clean

Move. It is designed to keep neighborhoods clean and help students, landlords and property owners during student relocations. Project Clean Move encourages students to get an early start in planning their move and seeks to educate and bring awareness about laws related to illegal dumping and trash accumulation as well as recycling efforts.

The program begins on January 1, 2012.

The Department of Public Works is working with The Salvation Army, Central Virginia Foodbank, Central Virginia Waste Management Authority, Virginia Commonwealth University and the Fan District Association on Project Clean Move to provide information

on available resources, such as recycling locations and places to donate clothing and non-perishable food. The Department of Public Works will continue to put roll-off dumpsters in neighborhoods near Virginia Commonwealth University in six week intervals, beginning in late April and again in late July, during times when students are


Registered property owners in the Fan, Carver and Oregon Hill neighborhoods are being notified via mail about Project Clean Move. They are encouraged to monitor their tenant’s disposal habits and curtail any instances of illegal dumping. There will be strict enforcement of City laws related to illegal dumping and trash accumulation.

You can find additional information by visiting the Project Clean Move web page