City Announces Emergency Preparedness and Response Enhancement Strategies

Mayor Dwight C. Jones and 9th District City Councilman Doug Conner today announced recommendations to improve the City’s emergency preparedness and response strategies. The Office of Emergency Management, under the leadership of Emergency Management Coordinator Anthony McLean, has been working with Councilman Conner since Hurricane Irene in August to identify areas where the City can enhance the overall emergency response efforts for residents during an emergency. Today’s report reflects the results of that review.

“It is the responsibility of government to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the residents it serves in any given situation, commented Mayor Jones. “While City workers did a good job in responding to Hurricane Irene, in any disaster there is always room for improvement. I want to thank Councilman Doug Conner for working so closely with us to undertake this review of our emergency response efforts and to help ensure that we capitalize on all lessons learned.”

“I felt compelled to assist in this effort due to the feeling of helplessness that I felt during Hurricane Irene, said Councilman Doug Conner. “I really had no method of knowing where the people with the most needs were located. Strategically addressing matters like how to get information in light of HIPPA laws, and other issues surrounding shelters and communications will help us better address community needs in the future.”

The focus areas for improvement include: relationships with partners, emergency shelters, communication, and emergency preparedness education for residents.

The City has updated its Citizens Emergency Preparedness Guidebook, created emergency preparedness refrigerator magnets in English and Spanish, and an emergency preparedness video is now available online and on the City’s government access station, channel 17, for residents.

To view the updated guidebook, please visit: Citizens Emergency Preparedness Guidebook 2011.

To view the Emergency Preparedness 101 video, please visit: Emergency Preparedness 101.

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