New RVA311 Service Request System Launches Next Friday

Late Friday, June 15, RVA311 will launch! RVA311 is a brand new and online, cloud-based interface powered by AvePoint Citizen Services for managing citizen, business and visitor requests. This user-friendly application will have its own website URL ( and become available as a mobile application early next month. It will work with any internet-connected device, anytime, anywhere. RVA311 is designed to improve service delivery and enhance citizen engagement for non-emergency requests. The self-service portal will enable citizens, businesspersons and visitors to submit service requests by category, and then by specific service need, and provide for images and files to be uploaded as well. 

Mayor Levar M. Stoney called this digital transformation of how the city serves citizens, businesses and visitors “a game changer,” and thanked the four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner for this technology gifted to the city. “AvePoint’s investment in Richmond and their technology powering 
RVA311 will allow us to serve citizens in a far more transparent way that will be both better and faster,” said the mayor. “I encourage Richmonders to utilize this new intelligent reporting tool and to download the mobile app as soon as it becomes available.”

RVA311 is a solution powered by AvePoint’s Citizen Services platform for government agencies. AvePoint is a global independent software vendor with a presence in Richmond since 2016. Brian Brown, AvePoint’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, spoke of the commitment AvePoint made to improve the city in which they now live, work and play, using technology, “The launch of RVA311, backed by AvePoint Citizen Services, symbolizes this commitment,” said Brown. “We’re invested in the city’s success and growth, and will remain supporters as it takes advantage of this cutting-edge technology.”

Several core city agencies will be utilizing 
RVA311 at launch, including the Richmond Police Department, the Departments of Public Works, Public Utilities, Social Services, Finance and the Department of Planning and Development Review. Additional agencies will come on board at a later date. RVA311 will also serve as the operating system for requests submitted by citizens calling 311 or (804) 646-7000.

Upon submission of any request, the intelligent system will automatically route it to the appropriate department for review and remedy. Users who provide an email address will receive updates and be notified when the work is completed. There will also be an option for users to create an on-line account, although it is not required for access. The 
RVA311 portal will also feature answers to 150 frequently asked questions (FAQs) to further assist users.  

 will be managed by the new Department of Citizen Service and Response, which begins operations in July. The new department will be centered on ensuring the city remains “citizen-centric” in its service delivery efforts.

Upon the June 15 launch, See-Click-Fix will no longer be supported by the city for service requests. After June 15, the only way service requests can be submitted to the city will be through the RVA311 portal online, by phone or via the mobile application when it becomes available early next month. Residents, businesses and visitors are reminded RVA311 is for non-emergency requests only. 911 should still be called in any emergency. 
For more information about RVA311, please call 3-1-1, for more information on city services, please visit