Mayor Launches E-time Capsule with Huguenot Students

~ Richmond opens first new high school in 40 years ~

A grand opening ceremony took place at the new Huguenot High School this morning as students officially began attending classes at the first new high school to be built in the City of Richmond in 40 years. Mayor Dwight C. Jones marked the occasion by cutting a ribbon with Huguenot High School students and by participating in an official program with 4th District City Councilwoman Kathy Graziano, 4th District School Board Member Kristen Larson, Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden, and Huguenot High School Principal Jafar Barakat.

The occasion was also marked by the launch of a time capsule project called Hugh-E – a digital time capsule designed to capture the current student lifestyle as the new school opens. Hugh-E will be the current student body’s way of showing future students what life was like in 2015. Students were invited to submit photos, videos, music or any other digital submission that represents their perspective on current lifestyles. The project is expected to collect information on favorite artists, dances, fashion trends, social media trends, as well as documentation of trophies and awards and videos of performances and presentations.

“Every student needs to be a part of this project,” said Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “This is our first foray into a time capsule project of this nature, and it may set a trend for other schools to follow. I’m very excited about using technology this way to capture what is important to this student body at this time.”

Hugh-E will be accepting submissions until April 30, 2015, and will officially close for good in September of 2015. Hugh-E will be housed in a display case in the gallery of the new Huguenot High School and will not be opened until the year 2035.

Aside from the gallery space the new 250,400 square foot school provides the student body with:

  • Sustainable design features, including extensive day lighting, rain gardens and a green roof (set to receive US Green Building Council LEED Gold certification)
  • Extensive wireless technology throughout
  • 1,000 seat auditorium with premier staging and sound production
  • State competition approved athletic facilities (Football, Track and Field, Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Tennis)
  • 3 court basketball gym
  • 3,500 seat football stadium