Lehigh Cement Silos Demolition, Capital Trails Completion, Potterfield Bridge, all highlights of Riverfront Implementation Progress Report

Mayor Dwight C. Jones provided a progress report of the Richmond Riverfront Plan implementation. Citing several Phase 1 projects nearing completion, Jones spoke about the Richmond resurgence detailing progress made along the riverfront.

The Riverfront Plan was adopted in 2012 and the Jones Administration provided initial funding in the Fiscal Year 2013 Capital Improvements budget. Highlighted projects discussed during today’s press conference included the Lehigh Silos demolition, the Virginia Capital Trail, the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, the Low-Line, and Terminal Dock improvements.

“Demolition of the Lehigh Cement property is an important milestone in the implementation of the Richmond Riverfront Plan,” said Mayor Jones. “Removal of these silos represents the beginning of the transformation of the downriver portion of the Riverfront.”

Jones noted significant progress, calling it an exciting time for the city. Along with removal of the silos, plans have been announced for Port of Richmond improvements, the Low-Line project with CSX and Capital Tress is underway, improvements are being made to the Intermediate Terminal structure, final plans have been approved and the work has begun on the Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge and the Richmond portion of the Virginia Capital Trail will be completed by the end of August.

Investment in the Richmond portion of the Virginia Capital Trail totals $4 million. The City has contributed $820,000 of that costs. The City also invested $200,000 in the Low-Line project, while CSX and Capital Trees are providing the rest of the funding. Terminal Dock investments over two years amounts to $2.9 million and the Lehigh Silos demolition is expected to cost $740,000. The City has approximately $10 million available for Phase 1 Riverfront projects, which includes the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge work.