Mayor Jones Announces City-Wide Rollout of Recycling Carts

In a June 10 press conference, Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced the city-wide distribution of new 95-gallon recycling carts in July 2015. The announcement follows the City’s grant award -- first announced in January of this year -- in partnership with Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) for a public/private recycling program. Click here for more information on the Richmond Recycles program.

“The City will receive nearly $560,000 as one of four cities chosen to partner with Curbside Value Partnership for this first of its kind program,” explained Mayor Jones. “This effort is in line with our RVA Green sustainability plan and we are pleased to be moving forward with our city-wide distribution of these recycling carts.”

In early July, city-wide delivery of approximately 57,000 new 95-gallon recycling carts. Some 6,000 residents received a cart in January during the initial roll-out. All carts are expected to be in place by the end of 2015. The City is working locally with Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) and TFC Recycling to facilitate the program. CVWMA provides the recycling contract service with TFC, which collects recyclables. In addition to being able to recycle more, residents who receive trash collection in the alleys will also have their recycling cart emptied there.   

“We are very glad to have an opportunity to celebrate with the City; not only is recycling about to get a lot easier for the residents of Richmond, but we anticipate a substantial increasing in the amount of material recycled – helping to support a strong regional recycling economy and a healthy environment,” said the Recycling Partnership Executive Director, Keefe Harrison.

In addition, residents who use recycling carts will be able to sign up for the Recycling Perks program, which rewards those who recycle by offering incentives from local businesses that participate in the program. The program has three key advantages: (1) promotes local merchants, (2) helps divert waste from landfills, and (3) allows residents to save money through discounts as participating merchants.