Mayor Dwight Jones & Richmond City Council President Charles Samuels Release the Following Joint Statement

Mayor Dwight C. Jones and Richmond City Council President Charles R. Samuels issued the following joint statement today:

“We have reached an agreement to move the City’s budget forward.

This compromise adds:
    •    $2.05 million in new funding for additional capital needs for Richmond Public Schools. Added to the $5 million provided in the Mayor’s original budget, this represents a one-year increase of nearly 700% in capital funding for schools.
    •    $1.5 million for bicycle infrastructure
    •    $100,000 for the Oliver Hill Courts Building
    •    $250,000 for blighted properties

These measures will be funded by a $3.9 million reduction in capital funding for the proposed E-911 Center, while retaining funding to plan the facility.

The agreement adds $3 million in funding for the Riverfront. This will be funded by the city’s anticipated FY14 revenue surplus.

The agreement reduces the $4.5 million in capital improvements that had been proposed for individual Council districts.

The agreement restores previous cuts to the Shockoe infrastructure, to a level of $10.6 million. This is a $3 million reduction from the Mayor’s original proposal.

This agreement secures additional funding for key projects to move the City forward and avoids a Mayoral veto.”

“It’s been very encouraging to see the outpouring of support for public schools this year,” said Mayor Jones. “From my conversations with students, members of the School Board and City Council, and due to my confidence in our new School Superintendent, I’m pleased that we’ve been able to add additional funding for public schools. We’re all committed to our public schools, the riverfront, and our bicycling infrastructure. This agreement moves these projects forward.”

“I am pleased with this agreement that invests in our shared priorities to move the City forward and avoids a Mayoral veto or override,” says City Council President Charles Samuels. “Richmond City Council and the Mayor came together, negotiated in good faith, and produced a positive result for the City.”