City’s Department of Public Works Receives Reaccreditation

~Commended for Strategic Plan and Electronic Ethics Training Standard~

The City’s Department of Public Works has received official notification of its national reaccreditation by the American Public Works Association (APWA). The City department became fully accredited in 2005 and was reaccredited in 2009. The current status is for a four year period, November 2013 through October 2017.
The DPW Team did a spectacular job working to review the standards and to update information within each to reflect enhancements to operating procedures and safety procedures in preparation for recertification,” said James A. Jackson, Director of the City’s Department of Public Works. 
During the reaccreditation process, three APWA evaluators visited DPW facilities and reviewed 157 of 364 standard practices applicable to DPW operations. The evaluators determined 156 or 99.3 percent of the practices were fully compliant.  Only one of the practices reviewed, or .6 percent, was substantially compliant. 
“The ability to maintain accredited status suggests leadership’s understanding and appreciation for sound, basic operating principles of a public works organization,” said Jackson. 
Of particular note is the visitation team’s decision to recommend the department’s strategic plan and Electronic Ethics Training standard as models for other agencies seeking accreditation status.
DPW is the fifth jurisdiction in the Commonwealth to receive accreditation. There are fewer than 90 accredited municipalities nationwide.
“That there aren’t more public works departments accredited may suggest something about the rigors of becoming accredited,” said Jackson.
Richmond DPW prepares for reaccreditation approximately 18 to 24 months prior to its evaluation.  
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