Mayor Comments on Passage of City Budget

Mayor Dwight Jones issued the following statement following the passage of the biennial budget by the Richmond City Council:

“City Council has worked hard to review and improve our budget proposal. This Administration has faced persistent budget gaps, but we have always strived to bring down spending and to present streamlined budgets for Council’s consideration. The budgeting process provides an opportunity for us to refine city operations together. And every year I am encouraged that even though this is a complex process, we work together to agree on priorities.

“I feel that a fair budget was passed today in that, among other things, we have:

  • protected necessary programs,
  • called for lower base water and wastewater rates for Richmond residents,
  • not imposed additional taxes,
  • not called for employee layoffs or furloughs,
  • provided a 2% across the board salary increase for eligible city workers
  • provided step salary increases for eligible Police Officers and Firefighters,
  • provided an early-out retirement incentive for eligible employees,
  • provided funding for programs to assist the most vulnerable,
  • provided funding for infrastructure and economic development,
  • maintained the City's fiscal health.
"As always, this is a climate where there has to be give and take by all involved.  I am pleased with the work and with the process that we have just completed."